Digitizing the Small and Medium-Sized Mediterranean Company – Dialogues of the Mediterranean + 25

8 July 2020. From 15:00 | Workshop | English | Catalan | Online
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The Generalitat de Catalunya, in collaboration with the IEMed, is organizing the “Mediterranean Dialogues + 25” cycle on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Process (1995-2020), which adresses cross-cutting issues in relations until October. Euro-Mediterranean to provide new visions and proposals.

This first dialogue discusses how SMEs, which are the backbone of Mediterranean economies, can focus on innovation and digitalisation in a context marked by Covid-19 to reduce costs, gain productivity and competitiveness, and access financing.

The following issues are addressed:

  • Digitization as a unifying factor between the north and south of the Mediterranean
  • The COVID-19, an accelerator for the digitization of SMEs
  • The promotion of more cooperation between universities, research centers and the private sector to promote both the digital transformation and the renewal of the educational field with a view to training for new job opportunities
  • The commitment of the public sector to the digitalisation of SMEs
  • The role of regional and local governments in fostering public-private partnerships aimed at promoting digitalisation