Policy Dialogue in Egypt to Foster the Inheritance Law Enforcement

28 February 2019 | Conference | Arabic | Sohag
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The association Badr Eltawayel organizes a round table in Sohag (Egypt) to discuss the law 219 of 2017 that safeguards women’s inheritance rights, within the framework of the project CSO WINS, funded by the European Union and coordinated by the IEMed in synergy with the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation.

The policy dialogue gathers representatives of the judiciary, lawyers, civil society members, journalists and members of parliament, along with representatives of the National Council for Women, with the main goal of debating the need for urgent measures to bring the inheritance law back on track in terms of defending women’s right to inheritance.

Badr Association manages to engage journalists in raising the public opinion’s awareness in this regard and in insisting on the need for a new applicable legislation. The Sohag Governorate wants also to mobilise in favour of a reform of the law to increase sanctions against people who deprive Egyptian women of their inheritance.

This event is built on the efforts initiated during the advocacy campaign implemented by Badr Association within the framework of the CSO WINS project.