Unleashing The Potential of Youth Activism And Building Bridges Across The Euro-Mediterranean

16 June 2019- 17 June 2019 | Conference | English | Barcelona
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The annual EuroMeSCo conference is preceded by the IEMed Youth Forum, which brings together young experts and researchers from different countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region to discuss forms of youth activism in the region, youth activism urban in Tunisia and feminist activism in Egypt, youth movements in Algeria, environmental activism in the southern Mediterranean or anti-austerity movements in Jordan.
This year’s edition of the forum focuses on online and offline youth activism in the Euro-Mediterranean region, with the aim of stimulating research in young people, promoting debates and exchanges between equals and building a community of young experts committed to the Euro-Mediterranean issues.
The third edition of the IEMed Youth Forum brings together more than 40 young experts and researchers from 10 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region.
Composed of two parallel working sessions, practical workshops and a plenary session, the forum offers young researchers the opportunity to share their experiences and make concrete proposals on relevant topics.
The young participants in this third edition also actively participate in the annual EuroMeSCo conference.