The University: A Factor Of Cooperation In The Mediterranean

1 March 2017. From 18:30 | Workshop | French | IEMed, Barcelona
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What impacts does Euro-Mediterranean cooperation have on the Tunisian university sphere? What role does the Virtual University of Tunisia play?  Since 1995, via the Barcelona Process, the Euro-Mediterranean partnership has continued to gain strength and, since then, various cooperation policies have been implemented. In 2004, the European Neighborhood Policy was created to launch own resources for the region. In 2007, the Union for the Mediterranean consolidated the dialogue between the European Union and the countries of the southern Mediterranean. 

The lecture is delivered by Jilani Lamloumi, Rector of the Virtual University of Tunis.Doctor in physics from the University of Paris, he has been a university professor for more than twenty years. He has held various positions of academic director, such as director of the École supérieure des sciences et techniques de Tunis (2002-2007), director general of technological studies of the same institution (2007-2008), president of the University of Gabes (2008-2011) and is executive vice president of the international association Numerical Space Open to the Mediterranean (eOmed).



Laura Huici

Professor Universitat de Barcelona

Jilani Lamloumi

Dean Université Virtuelle de Tunis



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