Combatting Hate Speech

27 May 2021. From 10:00  To 17:00 | Workshop | Online
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This workshop is part of the project ‘Intercultural Dialogue to Combat Hate Speech’ lead by the Egyptian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation. The activity comes after an online formation that took place in February, in which various young people from different euro-med countries were able to learn ‘Hate Speech’. The youngsters that applied for that training are now invited to this workshop. Throughout the upcoming event, that takes place at the IEMed in Barcelona, hate speech and its manifestations are addressed by discussing the following topics:  

  • Hate Speech and public institutions, the power of agenda-setting and official discourses  
  • Legal Framework regarding migration in the EU, Spain and Catalonia  
  • Migrations and ate speech against migrants  
  • Creating counter-narratives as a tool for combatting hate speech 

The aim is for the 20 young people participating to be able to share their thoughts and ideas on hate speech in this meeting space and create bonds among them. The format is very interactive, mixing short presentation of around 20-30min by the speakers followed by interactions with the participants. The idea is for a debate to be created around the different suggested topics in order to share opinions and considerations regarding hate speech while creating an enriching atmosphere of mutual exchange and learning.