“COCO”: Against Everyday Racism

26 March 2022- 27 March 2022 | Conference | Spanish | Casa Árabe, Madrid
slideshow image Amaury Cornu / Hans Lucas via Reuters

The “COCO: Against Everyday Racism” project, which aims to create a national education and awareness strategy to fight against racism, Islamophobia, hate speech and hate crimes (online and offline), celebrates a forum against everyday racism in Madrid. In this event, 35 political representatives from different regions and 76 young people of different ethnic origins and different genders from all over Spain share a space for dialogue on anti-racism, everyday racism, homophobia, microaggressions, Islamophobia, etc.

The organization of the event focuses its efforts on generating a communication strategy that expands the impact of this project beyond the forum and influences the institutional policies of the Mediterranean region. To do so, contact is established with journalists, academics and institutional politicians, among others, to achieve repercussion in the form of press releases, political advocacy, etc. In addition, a Decalogue with numerous graphic materials is formulated by the participants of the Forum to be distributed among the general public.

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