Azahara Awards: women and diversity

2 March 2022. From 18:00  To 20:00 | Conference | Catalan | Auditori Josep Irla, Girona
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First edition of the ‘Azahara Awards: women and diversity’ with the aim of publicizing life stories and projects carried out by women with a migrant perspective or daughters of immigration in the counties of Girona.

The awards ceremony is held to publicize the trajectory of six women of migrant origin and with an intercultural perspective who are transforming the world and are a true inspiration for women and girls in the Girona region and for the country. These awards are given within the framework of the International Women’s Day celebrations. It seeks to recognize women who meet the values ​​of solidarity, commitment, social transformation, sustainability and resilience. They are women with a migrant background, who are characterized by their leadership capacity and commitment. The event open to all citizens brings together civil society, entities and public administrations so that they can value the role of migrant women.

For the selection of women in this first call, an internal work commission has been established in which it has been decided on this occasion to whom to award the awards. The Azahara Awards want to serve as a new catalyst for talent from Girona and an element of public recognition for women who are innovating in the management of diversity, equality and inclusion. In addition, the aim is to raise awareness of the important role of migrant women and give voice to inspiring good practices.

The capacity of the event is limited and it is necessary to reserve a ticket on the association’s website:


This year the Azahara Awards are given to the following women:

  • Nabila El Gamouchi, entrepreneur and owner of Nabila Café, a reference place in Olot that crosses borders.
  • Fatou Kanteh, athlete and first division women’s soccer player with a great social commitment in Banyoles.
  • Chiraf Souilah, PhD student in Organometallic Chemistry. Master in Advanced Catalysis and molecular modeling at the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis. Committed to the social fabric of Amer.
  • Tamara Cortés, teacher and reference among the gypsy community in Girona. Social activist in favor of education and breaking down prejudices.
  • Jessenia Lagos, psychologist and women’s rights activist; especially domestic workers. It defends the dignity, labor insertion and literacy of women in the counties of Girona.
  • Amal Ayou, better known as Amal Style. She is a content creator from Figueres and very influential among Empordà women. Through social networks, it energizes a large community of women.

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