Aula Mediterrània Interdisciplinary Research Seminar

29 March 2023- 30 March 2023. From 10:00 | Conference | English | Spanish | Catalan | Palau de Pedralbes
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The inter-university programme Aula Mediterrània, organised by the IEMed in collaboration with several university masters, holds its annual seminar at the Palau de Pedralbes in Barcelona.

Over 30 experts participate in the seminar, analysing key issues in the Mediterranean today through nine thematic sessions. These topics include the relations between Middle Eastern countries, Russia, and China, the challenges and opportunities of energy policies in the Mediterranean, the management of migration in the Mediterranean, the current state of Turkey’s geopolitics, and political power and Pop culture in the Middle East.

Among the speakers taking part are Lisel Hintz, assistant professor of International Relations at the Johns Hopkins University, Bologna; Gloria Rendón, former director of SAIER (Service for Migrants and Refugees) and researcher at CER-Migracions, UAB; Waldimeiry Correa da Silva, researcher at EMERGIA, Department of International Public Law and International Relations, Universidad de Sevilla; and Umut Özkirimli, associate senior researcher at CIDOB and professor at the Faculty of Communication and International Relations, Blanquerna-URL.

The seminar is open exclusively to students from the various university masters who participate in the Aula Mediterrània programme, and will be held at the Palau de Pedralbes, located at Av. Diagonal 686 in Barcelona.

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