Aula Mediterrània Interdisciplinary Research Seminar 2024

19 February 2024- 20 February 2024 | Conference | English | Spanish | Catalan | Institut d'Estudis Catalans
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The inter-university programme Aula Mediterrània, organised by the IEMed in collaboration with several university masters, holds its annual seminar in Barcelona.

This two-day interdisciplinary research seminar focuses on the Euro-Mediterranean region and its various aspects, including higher education, migration, artificial intelligence, gender perspectives, historical narratives, and diplomatic relations. The first day commences with welcoming remarks from prominent figures, followed by discussions on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in higher education and an awards ceremony for outstanding master’s dissertations. The day continues with workshops exploring research agendas and trends in the Mediterranean, emphasizing collaboration and innovation.

The second day delves into future challenges and perspectives in the Mediterranean, featuring parallel sessions on topics such as immigrant political participation, sovereign funds in the MENA region, and ethical challenges of artificial intelligence. Sessions also explore themes of gender, slavery, sustainability, and historical narratives, providing diverse perspectives on Mediterranean dynamics.

The seminar is to be concluded with discussions on cooperation and conflict resolution, highlighting the importance of regional cooperation frameworks and historical diplomatic exchanges in fostering stability and progress in the Mediterranean.

To attend the opening roundtable on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation on High Education and (Monday 19th February, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm) or some of the sessions on the 20th February, fill the form (sidebar links).

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