Albanian Migration: Methodological Notes

18 March 2015. From 18:30 | Conference | English | IEMed, Barcelona
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One in three Albanians lives abroad. Albania is unique in the world in terms of the proportions between the scarce volume and residents in the country. It went from a total isolation during Orthodox Stalinism to a massive exodus during the decade of the 90s to Italy and Greece mainly. Despite the fact that ad hoc regularization plans were approved in these two countries at the time, in recent years, austerity policies in response to the economic crisis have made the employment situation of Albanian immigrants precarious, which has reduced the sending of remittances and have started, in many cases, a process of return to the country of origin.

This lecture reviews some of the professor’s research on Albanian migration in the last ten years, focusing on strategic choices made based on mixed methods and multiple locations. The illustrative focus is on migration from Albania in Italy and Greece, and on the relationships between migration, remittances, gender and development in Albania.

Russell King has been Professor of Geography at the University of Sussex since 1993. He was awarded the Edward Heath Medal from the Royal Geographical Society for his work on the geography of Europe and the Mediterranean. He is also an honorary member of the Italian Geographical Society. He was director of the Sussex Migration Research Center and at the same time editor of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies until 2013.



Ricard Zapata

Professor UPF

Russell King

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