Cultural activity

26 Sep 2018
09 Dec 2018

The Mediterranean of The Twentieth Century. Realities And Views

The Museum of Lleida hosts the exhibition "The Mediterranean of the twentieth century. Realities and views", produced by the IEMed and the EFE Agency.

Cultural activity

19 Sep 2018
21 Sep 2018

“A Sea Of Words” 2018 Awards Presentation

Among 250 original stories by young people from 33 countries, “The Last Exile” has been chosen as the best story of the 2018 edition of the Euro-Mediterranean literary competition "A Sea of Words".


16 Jul 2018
20 Jul 2018

World Congress on the Middle East And North Africa

Every four years, this international congress is an unmissable event for the academic community interested in the latest advances in studies on the Middle East from various perspectives and on a wide variety of topics

Cultural activity

30 Jun 2018
Vilassar de Dalt

Ramon Llull and The Cultures Encounter

'Ramon Llull and the cultures encounter' is a traveling exhibition that the IEMed launched in 2007 and also expanded to Year Llull (2015-2016) to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the death of the humanist.


11 Jul 2018

A Youth Agenda for Euro-Mediterranean Research

On the sidelines of the annual EuroMeSCo conference and for the second year in a row, a forum is being organized for young Euro-Mediterranean researchers.


23 Feb 2018

Debate of Young Mediterranean Voices: The Refugee Policy of The EU

The Young Mediterranean Voices program, promoted by the EU and the Anna Lindh Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue, has been promoting debates on issues of common interest among young people in the Euro-Mediterranean region.


22 Oct 2018
European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris

Politics of Recognition And Denial. Minorities in The MENA Region

The manipulation of sectarian divides by state and non-state actors, sectarian violence, persecutions faced by various ethnic and religious groups, make the question of minorities a key issue for the balance in the MENA region.

Cultural activity

06 Mar 2018

Digitization of Father Ubach’s Photographic Background

The IEMed is collaborating with the Abbey of Montserrat in an ambitious project to digitize the photographic collection of the monk Bonaventura Ubach (1879-1960).


20 Nov 2018

Citizens Who Enrich Diversity

Throughout Catalonia, cultural diversity is a structural element of society. However, managing coexistence between people from different backgrounds and cultures is one of the biggest challenges facing societies today.


26 Oct 2018
IEMed, Barcelona

New Approaches To Migration Coverage

The “refugee crisis” of 2015 and the persistence of irregular migration across the Mediterranean have once again placed migration as one of the main topics on the media agenda. Is journalism capable of providing a comprehensive view on migrations...

Cultural activity

03 Oct 2018
Vilassar de Dalt

Mestre Ramon, The Llulls and the Mediterranean of His Time

An unpublished documentary collection offers a wide portrait of the Barcelona family branch of Ramon Llull, from the middle of the XIII century until the XVII century, when the lineage became extinct.


06 Jul 2018
Monestir de Montserrat

II Conference on Culture and Religions in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean area has had a social structure since antiquity, especially since late antiquity, in which dialogue between the majority population and minorities is the order of the day.