20 May 2021

The European Union Integrated Maritime Policy: an Atlantic and Mediterranean Approach

The European Union has developed an Integrated Maritime Policy (EUIMP) which seeks to increase cooperation and coordination between different policy areas, and foster cross-cutting policies such as blue growth


19 May 2021

Med Dialogues +2030. Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean: Grasping the Scope of the Challenge

This event will mark the opening of the Med Dialogues 2030 Cycle called "The Road to a Sustainable and Climate Resilient Mediterranean", and organized by the IEMed, Club of Rome and Fundación "la Caixa".


30 Oct 2019
31 Oct 2019
Palma de Mallorca

XV Annual Conference of the LECE’s Mediterranean Commission

In the last decade environmental economics have gone from being an incipient field of academic research to one of the main pillars in the local, national and international public agendas.


25 Oct 2012
26 Oct 2012
La Pedrera, Barcelona

Global Eco Forum 2012, Euro-Mediterranean Forum on Sustainability

Once again, following the success of previous editions, eco-union is preparing the Global Eco Forum 2012, with a special focus on the green economy, governance, sustainability and the future after the Rio +20 Earth Summit.


24 Oct 2011
26 Oct 2011

V Euro-Mediterranean Energy Forum

This fifth edition of the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Forum is planned with a view to consolidate the regional meeting between energy producing and consuming countries and companies.