26 Nov 2021

Islam and politics in a global world

Conference by Daniel Faget, associate professor of Modern History and Jaume Dantí i Riu, full professor in Modern History.


23 Nov 2021

Borderlands: Europe and the Mediterranean Middle East?

Conference by Raffaella del Sarto, associate professor of Middle East Studies and Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués, associate professor.


18 Nov 2021

The Mediterranean: The Challenges Of a Conflicted Area. Presentation of the IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2021

The regional tension in the Maghreb, the uncertain evolution of Turkey and the economic prospects in the Mediterranean in a scenario marked by the effects of the pandemic, are the focus of the debate hosted by the IEMed to present the IEMed Mediterra...


15 Nov 2021

Information networks and communication policy on natural disasters in the Hispanic monarchy

Conference by Domenico Cecere, researcher and professor of Modern History and Diego Sola, lecturer of Modern History and coordinator of the Master’s.


09 Nov 2021

Public Procurement Law: What are the challenges for implementation and needed reforms?

In this webinar, a prestigious lineup of speakers present the role of the law in fighting corruption and the challenges it faces in the political context, as well as the steps needed to ensure proper implementation.


02 Nov 2021

Gibraltar: Current Situation and Future Prospects

Conference by Alejandro del Valle, full professor of Public International Law and International Relations and Ana Maria Badia Martí, full professor of Public International Law and International Relations.


28 Jul 2021
Auditorium du PCNS and Live-Stream

The New Post-COVID-19 European Neighbourhood Policy: What is the EU Support for Morocco in the Health Insurance Reform?

This event allows an in-depth discussion of the reforms of the post-COVID-19 social protection system, and particularly the health insurance component within the framework of Morocco-EU cooperation.