08 Oct 2015
09 Oct 2015
Palazzo Clerici, Milan

Reviewing the Euro-Mediterranean Relations

EuroMeSCo, the leading think tank network in politics and security in the Euro-Mediterranean area, is holding its annual conference in the Italian city of Milan.


26 Jan 2015
27 Jan 2015
Institut d'Estudis Catalans, Barcelona

New Approaches to the Study of the Mediterranean

This interdisciplinary research seminar wants to explore the new phenomena and changes that are shaping the region from different fields and disciplines of study.


11 Jun 2015
IEMed, Barcelona

European Policies in the Mediterranean: A Lot of Noise for Nothing?

After twenty years of Euro-Mediterranean policies, it is necessary to assess the scope and impact they have had on the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean.


26 Mar 2015
IEMed, Barcelona

Spain + 5: Interpreting Spanish-Maghreb Relations In The 21st Century

Spain is the immediate neighbor of the five countries of the Union of the Arab Maghreb. Spain's intense human relations with these countries are addressed.