02 Oct 2014
03 Oct 2014
Palau Firal, Tarragona

Increasing Diversity in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

The aim of the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2014 is to analyse the increasing diversity and complexity of the region from different angles.


04 Dec 2014
IEMed, Barcelona

Foreign Policy in the Maghreb in a Changing World and the Role of Europe

Although the history of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco bears similarities that have been the subject of different comparative studies.


15 Oct 2014
IEMed, Barcelona

Regional Powers in a Transforming Middle East

The Arab Spring, which began as a process of internal transformation, soon had important regional consequences.


25 Jul 2014
Museu Soler Blasco, Xàvia

The Future of the Mediterranean After the Riots

The "Foro Jávea de Vecindad" organizes the conference "Mediterranean (s) 2030: possible scenarios 20 years after the riots", given by Javier Albarracín, director of socio-economic development of the IEMed.


04 Feb 2014
IEMed, Barcelona

Middle East and Competition for Regional Hegemony

Bichara Khader opens the “Mediterranean 2014: Open Stage” conference series with the conference “Middle East and Competition for Regional Hegemony” at the IEMed.