30 Nov 2012
01 Dec 2012
IEMed, Barcelona

Euromed Civil Society Seminar 2012

Following the wave of riots and the emergence of new actors during 2011, the road to consolidating new models of state and democratic and inclusive systems in North Africa is expected to be long and winding.


11 Oct 2012
12 Oct 2012

2nd Euro-Mediterranean Regional Conference. The City, Living Heritage

The second Euro-Mediterranean regional conference of the Montada project entitled "The city, living heritage", highlights the integrated rehabilitation, governance and participation as well as awareness of the city's heritage as transversal axes of t...


04 Oct 2012
05 Oct 2012

Europe and the New Mediterranean: Crisis as an Opportunity?

The rise of new leaderships, the emergence of democracies and the persistence of violent conflicts represent a major challenge in one of the most dynamic regions of the world.


26 Apr 2012
28 Apr 2012

Forum Réalités in Tunisia

The forum aims to identify political and economic challenges for the future in the region with local political and economic figures, representatives of international institutions and bodies, and academics. It has the participation of Andreu Bassols,...