27 Sep 2021

Presentation of the publication “Barcelona, capital of the Mediterranean. Local democracy and the fight for peace”

The Catalonia Europe Foundation presents the publication of the Pasqual Maragall Legacy Research Aid 2019, "Barcelona, capital of the Mediterranean. Local democracy and fight for peace" by Oscar Monterde, doctor in history from University of Barcelon...


15 Apr 2021

Annual Conference 2021. Setting the New Agenda for the New Mediterranean in Motion

The EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2021 intends to actively contribute to the reflection over rolling out the new agenda for the Mediterranean, a few weeks after the release of the EU Joint Communication on the Renewed Partnership with the Southern Nei...


27 Apr 2017
28 Apr 2017

Tunisia of Tomorrow

The IEMed is collaborating in the 2017 edition of the International Realities Forum with a seminar that brings together experts and politicians annually for 19 years to analyze the evolution of Tunisia and the region.


17 Nov 2014
19 Nov 2014

Arab Transitions in Comparative Perspective

This conference discusses the conditions that lay behind the success of regime change and democratization processes.


11 Nov 2014
12 Nov 2014

Oppositions and Transitions in the Arab World Post 2011

The workshop, organized by the Center for Social Science Studies and Research in cooperation with EuroMeSCo, aims to fill this gap. The event examines the state of the opposition in the context of the new Arab political systems.


03 Oct 2013
04 Oct 2013

A Transforming Arab World: Between Continuity and Change

The EuroMeSCo conference, co-organized with the EU Institute for Security Studies in Paris, brings together more than 80 participants from 25 Euro-Mediterranean countries, including various political leaders and experts from different think tanks.


19 Jun 2013
21 Jun 2013

XVI Forum International de Réalités in Tunisia

The sixteenth edition of the International Realities Forum, this year entitled "Tunisia and the countries of the Arab Spring: Issues and dynamics" analyzes the political and socioeconomic situation in Tunisia after the Arab Spring.


06 Oct 2011
07 Oct 2011
Palau de Pedralbes, Barcelona

A New Mediterranean Political Landscape? The Arab Spring And Euro-Mediterranean Relations

The Southern Mediterranean may be today entering a post-revolutionary phase. The focus should now be put on what is next: democratisation processes or a return to authoritarianism.


06 Jul 2011
07 Jul 2011
Palau de Pedralbes, Barcelona

Multilevel Governance in a Changing World

Representatives of governments and research centers from six regions in Italy, France and Spain, along with academics and experts from Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Israel, discuss how to improve operations and multilevel cooperation.