03 Oct 2013
04 Oct 2013

A Transforming Arab World: Between Continuity and Change

The EuroMeSCo conference, co-organized with the EU Institute for Security Studies in Paris, brings together more than 80 participants from 25 Euro-Mediterranean countries, including various political leaders and experts from different think tanks.


19 Jun 2013
21 Jun 2013

XVI Forum International de Réalités in Tunisia

The sixteenth edition of the International Realities Forum, this year entitled "Tunisia and the countries of the Arab Spring: Issues and dynamics" analyzes the political and socioeconomic situation in Tunisia after the Arab Spring.


12 Mar 2013

State-Building and the Rule of Law in Post-Revolutionary Arab Societies: The Challenges of Transitional Processes

The meeting brings together academics and researchers from different fields of specialization, with the aim of shedding light on recent social and political developments in the context of the Arab transitions.


11 Feb 2013
IEMed, Barcelona

New Islamist Governments in the Face of Social Demands

First session of the cycle "Mediterranean 2013: the consolidation of new powers", which will analyze the situation in North Africa and the Middle East addressing current Euro-Mediterranean relations and their future repercussions.