07 Jul 2022
08 Jul 2022
Collège des Bernardins Grande salle du cellier Paris, France

Enhancing Access to Finance for MSMEs in the Mediterranean Region

Debate about the prospects and challenges for enhancing the financial inclusion of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) as the fundamental condition to spur the recovery in the Mediterranean region.


24 Jan 2022

The Future of Credit Guarantee Schemes in the Mediterranean: Opportunities for a Strengthened Role

The EMGN dedicates its second Annual Conference to discuss ways to consolidate the Credit Guarantee Schemes, their mission, and their impact on the Mediterranean economies.


10 Dec 2021

Scaling Up Financial Inclusion of MSMEs for a Sustainable Recovery in the Mediterranean

Following two previous webinars dedicated respectively to the impact of the COVID-19 on financial inclusion and youth financial inclusion in the Mediterranean, the alliance is organising a third edition untitled “Scaling Up Financial Inclusion of M...


18 Nov 2021

New Africa Business Development Forum 2021

This new edition of the New Africa Business Development Forum aims at providing a platform for business and economic cooperation between policymakers, industry leaders, academia, future investors, and relevant stakeholders.


25 Oct 2021

Towards More Robust EU-Jordan Trade: Challenges and Prospects

EuroMeSCo in collaboration with the WANA Institute in Jordan, the session focuses on trade cooperation through an open and evidence-based dialogue on the dimensions of EU-Jordan trade and the main obstacles for growth.


13 Oct 2021
14 Oct 2021

What Prospects for the 5+5 Dialogue in a Mediterranean in Transformation? Adapting Together to the Post-COVID-19 Realities

The forum will tackle three important transformations likely to impact the future of the Western Mediterranean: 1) the transformation of the production model; 2) the digital transition; 3) the sustainability transition.


06 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021

New Realities in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Challenges for the Future of EU-Israel Economic Relations

The Israeli-European Policy Network (IEPN), in cooperation with the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), provides a suitable platform to analyse and debate the challenges of the EU-Israel economic relations.


04 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021

The Western Mediterranean Transport and Logistics Sector in the post-COVID-19 Era: Seizing New Opportunities, Accelerating Transitions

The 10th Conference of Ministers of Transport of the 5+5 Dialogue aims to initiate an in-depth discussion to identify the current perspectives and key opportunities for the sector to adapt itself to the post-COVID-19 era.


01 Oct 2019
02 Oct 2019

The Mediterranean in The Age of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The conference is structured around four sessions dedicated to mobility and financial inclusion, the digitization of the labor market, the education system and the development of human capital.


10 Dec 2018
11 Dec 2018

The Road Towards Integration: Transport and Logistics in the Western Mediterranean

This thematic seminar aims to initiate an in-depth debate on the obstacles that have prevented a completion of an integration of the countries of the 5 + 5 area.


14 Oct 2018
16 Oct 2018

Promoting Socioeconomic Development in the MENA Region

The Center for Strategic Studies of the Near East South Asia (NESA) as part of its continuing series of sub-regional working groups of the Strategic Studies Network (SSN) and in partnership with the IEMed holds its fourth NESA-IEMed workshop.


04 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018

Economic Integration And Co-Development: Recipes For Shared Progress In The Mediterranean Region

The UfM builds on the legacy of the Barcelona Process. Nevertheless, its first steps were hindered by a particularly unstable backdrop: poverty, unemployment and missing integration still remain among the main challenges to be faced.


04 Jul 2018
05 Jul 2018

Barcelona Euro-Med Forum on the Role of SMEs

The IEMed participates in the annual conference of the MED Confederation, an entity that aims to promote socio-economic cooperation in the Mediterranean to place this region in a better economic, commercial and social position.


17 Jan 2018
18 Jan 2018

6th Euromed Capital Forum

Euromed Capital in collaboration with the IEMed is organizing the 6th forum in Barcelona, during which several experts from the financial community, politicians and others analyze the impact of digitalisation on the world of business and finance.


22 Nov 2017
24 Nov 2017
Casa Llotja de Mar, Barcelona

Maghreb: Bridging The Gap Between Europe And Africa

Over the course of three days, the MedaWeek Barcelona hosts a number of key thematic and sectoral fora, more than 60 working sessions, and over 1,500 attendees from all corners of the world.


06 Jul 2017
07 Jul 2017

The 5+5 Dialogue in An Evolving Region

Proposing policy strategies to stabilize Libya, promoting greater economic integration, as well as ensuring food security in the region, those topics are in the center of debate by forty experts participating in the annual MedThink 5+5 forum.


03 Jul 2017
04 Jul 2017

How to Consolidate Living Labs in The Region to Promote Innovative Skills

The Mediterranean region witnessed in recent years the development of new patterns of innovation, based on the use of new technologies by citizens, especially youth.


05 Oct 2015
06 Oct 2015
Palau de Pedralbes, Barcelona

Innovation, Information and Communication Technologies. Framework, Financing Models and Good Practices

Innovation is at the heart of economic and social development. But the challenge is to increase the level of integration of SMEs into the networks that support the introduction of new technologies.


19 Dec 2013
20 Dec 2013
CaixaForum, Barcelona

MED Confederation, An Alliance to Boost the Economy of the Mediterranean Countries

The new institution and its projects for 2014 are presented to more than 200 representatives from Spain, France, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia and Belgium this afternoon at CaixaForum Barcelona.


27 Jun 2013
28 Jun 2013
Palau Centelles

VI Barcelona Euromed Forum

Four plenary sessions address social protection, the importance of social dialogue during transitions, the need for labor market reforms and the fight against corruption and the promotion of transparency.