31 Oct 2014
Palau de Pedralbes, Barcelona

Macroeconomics and Monetary Policies in a Context of Uncertainty in the Mediterranean

The conference discusses and formulates ways in which economic institutions and policies can promote macroeconomic stability and the development of welfare systems in the Mediterranean region.


14 Jul 2014
Seu de Foment del Treball Nacional, Barcelona

Instruments for Economic Growth in the Maghreb

IEMed is collaborating with Fomento del Treball in a session that brings together representatives of the European Investment Bank and of the African Development Bank with Catalan companies.


14 Feb 2014

Business Meeting at the CEOE on the 5 + 5 Economic Forum

The meeting explains the content of the first edition of this forum in Barcelona last October, as well as the potential for economic cooperation that it represents for the countries of the Maghreb and Western Europe.


13 Feb 2014
IEMed, Barcelona

The Israeli Dilemma. Effects of the Economic Crisis and Changes in the Arab world on Israel’s Domestic Policy

"We are at a crossroads because if there is no agreement for the creation of two states we could approach a third intifada or the scenario of a single Israeli state that even Netanyahu knows is not viable for the future of country "