Cultural activity

11 May 2023
27 Aug 2023
El Seminari Centre Tarraconense

Exhibition “The Biblical Scholar’s Viewpoint. Moments of Eternity”

The photographs that the biblical scholar and orientalist Bonaventura Ubach (1879-1960) took in the Middle East, especially in Palestine during the first decades of the 20th century, make up the exhibition “The Biblical Scholar’s Viewpoint. Momen...


05 Jul 2023
06 Jul 2023
Tarragona - Premises of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili

CONNEKT Cross-Regional Women’s Forum

This forum organised in the framework of the Horizon2020 project led by the IEMed will highlight the state of feminist studies in global security and how even well-intentioned academic approaches have a gendered bias where women are indefectibly link...


04 Jul 2023
IEMed - Barcelona

Talking about gender, resistance and youth in Palestine

An event in the framework of the project "Transnational gangs as agents of mediation: experiences of conflict resolution in street youth organizations in Southern Europe, North Africa and the Americas".


17 May 2023
IEMed, Barcelona

Presentation of “The Hundred Years War on Palestine: A History of Settler Colonialism and Resistance”

Presentation of the book "The Hundred Years War on Palestine: A History of Settler Colonialism and Resistance", by the American historian Rashid Ismail Khalidi


21 Mar 2023

Diversity of Muslim women and media

The IEMed presents the results of the EU-funded project MAGIC in Barcelona.


20 Mar 2023
European Parliament

Muslim Voices for Diversity Dialogue

The EU-funded project MAGIC, led by the IEMed, holds its final event at the European Parliament in Brussels.


14 Mar 2023
15 Mar 2023

Lebanon: crisis and hope

Representatives of the Lebanese parliament, activists, representatives of hospital centers and associations and feminist organizations discuss the current situation in Lebanon.


16 Feb 2023

Arab press freedom between external and internal pressures

Conference by Daoud Kuttab, journalist and general director of Community Media Network, moderated by Montserrat Arbós, professor and coordinator of the master's degree, Blanquerna-URL