16 Mar 2023

EU Relations With Southern Mediterranean Countries: The Democratic Conditionality Clause

Lecture by Maria del Carmen Muñoz Rodríguez, associate professor at the International Public Law and International Relations department in Jaén University. Moderated by Laura Huici.


09 Mar 2023
10 Mar 2023

A more Geopolitical and Coherent EU Foreign Policy in the Eastern Mediterranean

The IEMed and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung organise a second edition of a meeting of former Ambassadors of EU member states posted in Mediterranean countries.


23 Feb 2023

Approaching sectarian identity politics and Middle East international relations in the first post-Arab Uprisings decade – a stocktaking

Lecture by Morten Valbjørn, associate professor at the Department of Political Sciences in Aarhus University, moderated by Jordi Quero, Coordinator and Professor of the Master’s at CEI/UB.


26 Jan 2023

Science Diplomacy in the Mediterranean: Building Trust Through Science and Knowledge

Lecture by Alícia Pérez-Porro, marine biologist and scientific coordinator of the Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications moderated by Javier Albarracín, Professor of the Master’s, Blanquerna –URL


25 Jan 2023
European Parliament

Prospects of reinvigorating the Middle East Peace Process: a possible joint EU-US undertaking?

Presentation at the European Parliament of a study on how the EU should act regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to regain influence over the Middle East Peace Process and recover legitimacy on the global scene.