20 Sep 2023
CaixaForum Macaya, Barcelona

Are We Ready for the Heat? Exploring Climate Adaptation Needs in the Mediterranean

Opening session of the Med Dialogues 2030 series 3rd edition that aims at exploring climate adaptation needs in the Mediterranean


14 Dec 2022
CaixaForum Macaya, Barcelona

Women Migrants and Refugees in the Mediterranean: Addressing Needs, Securing Rights

Conference by Carmen Geha on the migrant women’s journey in Mediterranean countries with the aim to debate possible solutions and policies to ensure their security.


24 Nov 2022
CaixaForum Macaya, Barcelona

Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation in the face of Natural Disasters: Civil Protection and Emergency Management

Conference by captain Laurent Alfonso aiming at assessing the current and future natural risks affecting human security in the Mediterranean.


16 Nov 2022

New Africa Business Development Forum. Africa: Navigate the New Realities

The 19th edition of the New Africa Business Development Forum aims to provide a platform for Business and economic cooperation within the framework of the MedaWeek Barcelona.


10 Nov 2022

The Construction of the Ambassador in the Modern Era: Diplomacy between the Italian States and the Spanish Monarchy (16th-17th Centuries)

Conference by Paola Volpini, associate professor of Modern History, and Joan Lluís Palos, Associate Professor of Modern History.


27 Oct 2022
IEMed (Girona, 20 · Barcelona)

The impact of the war in Ukraine on a troubled Mediterranean region

Military and political alliances, the main political dynamics in the Mediterranean, and how the war in Ukraine has marked the last 12 months in the Mediterranean region… are the focus of the debate hosted by the IEMed to present the IEMed Mediterra...


14 Sep 2022
CaixaForum Macaya, Barcelona

Food Security at Risk: Addressing Vulnerabilities of Mediterranean Food Systems

Conference by Sébastien Abis on adapting agri-food systems to climate change and environmental sustainability in the Mediterranean.


26 May 2022

Iran’s Strategic Depth in the Fertile Crescent

Conference by Mohammad Reza Kalantari, lecturer of the Royal Holloway University of London. Introduced by Olivia Glombitza, lecturer of the UAB.


23 Mar 2022
25 Mar 2022
Palau de Pedralbes, Barcelona

MedCat Days 2022

The MedCat Days offer a framework for meetings and dialogues, it also serves as a platform for incidence and visibility for the Catalan actors working in the Mediterranean.


24 Feb 2022
25 Feb 2022

Quo Vadis Maghreb? Quo Vadis the EU in the Maghreb?

This event will offer an opportunity to discuss how the EU can make sense of the current trends in the Maghreb and how these trends impact the relationship of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria with the EU.


16 Feb 2022

Iraq: a source of perpetual instability or nascent democracy?

Conference by Lahib Higel, senior analyst for Iraq (International Crisis Group) and Montserrat Arbós, academic coordinator (Universitat Ramon Llull).