24 Nov 2020
25 Nov 2020

The Future of Euromed Civil Society +25

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Process / 5th Regional Forum of the UfM, the Union for the Mediterranean dedicates a special focus to the cooperation of civil society.


05 Mar 2020
06 Mar 2020
Fundación Tres Culturas, Sevilla

20th Meeting of the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation and Capacity

Fifty entities and associations from all over Spain participate in the annual meeting of the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation (FAL), which is held at the Tres Culturas Foundation.


17 Dec 2020

25 Years of the Euro-Mediterranean Project. Critical Assessment of a Process

The XXVII Setmana Cultural Gràcia amb la Mediterrània aims to review the European policies implemented in the last 25 years in the areas of migration and asylum, the environment, security, the economy, among others.


09 Dec 2020

From Social Networks to the Public and Natural Space

"From social networks to the public and natural space" aims to understand the different forms of mobilization of young people in the Mediterranean through various questions.


21 Sep 2020

Disarticulating Islamophobia

How do we identify and dismantle an Islamophobia that appears transversally in society? The colloquium presents the measures proposed by both representatives of the European Commission and the Spanish government as well as civil society entities.


29 Oct 2020

Inclusive Media, Inclusive Cities: Coexistence Against Islamophobia

The IEMed organizes, within the framework of the Biennial of Thought 'Ciutat Oberta' of Barcelona, the debate with the aim of analyzing, debating and contributing to strengthening the fight against Islamophobia.