19 Nov 2020

New Africa Business Development Forum

In early 2020, the African continent was considered one of the fastest growing regions, a new frontier for international investment. Now, it faces the challenge of maintaining this trend after the COVID-19 crisis.


08 Jul 2020

Digitizing the Small and Medium-Sized Mediterranean Company – Dialogues of the Mediterranean + 25

This first dialogue discusses how SMEs, which are the backbone of Mediterranean economies, can focus on innovation and digitalisation in a context marked by Covid-19 to reduce costs, gain productivity and competitiveness, and access financing.


16 Apr 2020

Covid-19 in Tunisia and the Maghreb

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Turkey have been competing in North Africa since 2011 through financial investments and the cultivation of political clients. This is driven by three main factors.


09 Dec 2020

Financial Inclusion in a Post-COVID-19 Mediterranean: Challenges and Opportunities

The session aims to address the challenges that this crisis has created for the financial inclusion of people and companies, as well as the opportunities highlighted by the pandemic to reduce financial exclusion in the Mediterranean.