14 Feb 2018
IEMed, Barcelona

Jihadist Islamism: Radicalisation and Index of Radicalisation

Terrorism is a form of political action and, as such, can be used by an individual, a group or a state. It is seen as a shortcut that leads faster and more efficiently than other methods to the achievement of political objectives.


25 Jan 2018

Three Perspectives on Violent Extremism in Tunisia

The IEMed and Novact are holding the seminar, which brings together representatives of think tanks and academia, institutional representatives of the Tunisian government and of the EU Delegation.


30 Nov 2018
Real Instituto Elcano, Madrid

The Impact of Climate Change in The Sahel on Human Security in The Mediterranean

The Sahel zone is more threatened by the climate change than any other region of the world. The developments in the Sahel present as well direct challenges to the Mediterranean region.


30 Oct 2018

Regional Opportunities To Improving The Situation In Gaza

The Gaza Strip is facing a deep humanitarian and economic crisis. Recently, this ongoing crisis led to escalation and violent clashes across the Israel-Gaza border.