22 Nov 2016
25 Nov 2016
Institut d'Estudis Catalans, Barcelona

Mediterranean Cities: Space and Territory

The second edition of the international seminar “Mediterranean Cities: Space and Territory” is attended by half a hundred outstanding researchers who, based on the historical evolution of cities, address several of their current problems.


17 Nov 2016
18 Nov 2016
Citilab Cornellà del Llobregat

The Mediterranean As An Open Living Lab

Representants de centres d'innovació digital, social i col·laborativa del Líban, Grècia, Turquia, el Marroc, França, Egipte, Itàlia, Israel, Tunísia participen en un seminari euromediterrani aquest dijous i divendres al Citilab de Cornellà.


10 Oct 2016
11 Oct 2016
Palau de Pedralbes, Barcelona

Presentation, in Barcelona, of the Project “Strengthening the Capacity of the Actors Working for Equality” within the 3rd High-level Conference by the UfM on Women’s Empowerment

The third conference organised by the UfM on women’s empowerment brings together key actors in the fight for gender equality in the region. Discussions revolve around issues in the region, where women have a relevant role to play.

Cultural activity

05 Sep 2016
30 Sep 2016
Centre Cívic del Fort Pienc

Women And Transgression In The New Arabic Comic

Inauguration of the exhibition "Reeds and vignettes: Arab comics in motion", which includes a complete overview of comics and current graphic novels in the Arab world through twenty-three works, produced between 2007 and 2015.


30 May 2016
31 May 2016
IEMed, Barcelona

III Barcelona-Casablanca Forum

As part of the third edition of the Barcelona-Casablanca Forum, the main economic and institutional leaders of the delegations representing these two cities hold a plenary session which highlights their complementarities, even their complicity.


23 May 2016
24 May 2016
Palau de Pedralbes

The 5+5 Dialogue as a Mechanism of Integration and Regional Cooperation

The aim of the network, which is promoted and hosted by the IEMed as a secretariat, is to encourage dialogue and research on how to promote regional integration and cooperation in the western Mediterranean.


13 Apr 2016
15 Apr 2016
Egmont Palace, Brussels

Towards A Security Architecture For The Mediterranean

The debates constitute a valuable contribution to the mapping of the main threats in the Mediterranean region and offer interesting insights on how the security order in the region should be reviewed in order to address them.


03 Apr 2016
10 Apr 2016
IEMed, Barcelona

Capacity-Building Workshop in Advocacy and Policy Dialogue for Gender Equality, in Barcelona

36 representatives of civil society organizations working for gender equality in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Greece and Belgium gather in Barcelona for a capacity-building workshop.


21 Jan 2016
22 Jan 2016
Palau de Pedralbes, Barcelona

The Mediterranean under the Academic Lens

The conference is part of the interdisciplinary research seminar "The Mediterranean under the academic lens: 2016 in perspective", which is structured in six sessions each dedicated to a topic. It is part of the program Aula Mediterrània.