10 Dec 2015
IEMed, Barcelona

Stories of Captives. Scenes of War in the Mediterranean in the 16th Century

The stories that captives on both sides told of their dramas and adventures give us a vivid picture of that conflict, but it also allows us to experience unexpected economic and cultural exchanges.


28 Oct 2015

Educators in Dialogue, Youth in Debate: Countering Violent Extremism

With the organization of a workshop on the prevention of radicalization through education, the IEMed takes part in the international conference Madrid + 10.


04 Mar 2015
IEMed, Barcelona

A Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict from the Point of View of Pacifism and Peaceful Resistance

Under the premise "the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does have a solution", this seminar analyzes, on the one hand, the reasons why Israel believes otherwise and, on the other, the possible ways of resolving the conflict from a pacifist perspective.


05 Nov 2015

The Threat of Terrorist Groups in the Euro-Mediterranean

The Joint Policy Study analyzes and monitors the threat of terrorist groups with a focus on Syria (Daesh, Al-Nusra Front, and Al Qaeda), and the issue of foreign fighters’ recruitment.