17 Nov 2014
19 Nov 2014

Arab Transitions in Comparative Perspective

This conference discusses the conditions that lay behind the success of regime change and democratization processes.


11 Nov 2014
12 Nov 2014

Oppositions and Transitions in the Arab World Post 2011

The workshop, organized by the Center for Social Science Studies and Research in cooperation with EuroMeSCo, aims to fill this gap. The event examines the state of the opposition in the context of the new Arab political systems.


06 Mar 2014
IEMed, Barcelona

Transitions in the Arab World. Constituent Processes, the Egyptian Case

Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron makes a comparative analysis of the different constitutional processes in North Africa, especially from the case of Egypt, in a conference at the IEMed.


11 Feb 2014
IEMed, Barcelona

Transitions in the Arab World. Political and Social Actors in the Transition Processes

Three years after the outbreak of the Arab Spring riots, one wonders what has changed and whether it has been worth it. Especially if you look at the war in Syria or the involution in freedoms that Egypt is suffering.