16 Nov 2011
18 Nov 2011
IEC, Barcelona

Mediterranean Cities: Civilization and Development

International seminar with the aim of to delve into the role that cities have played in the Mediterranean world as decisive nuclei of civilization throughout history.


15 Apr 2011
17 Apr 2011

How to Establish a Bridge of Dialogue over the Straits?

The Spanish and Moroccan networks of the Anna Lindh Foundation (FAL) lay the foundations for a joint work program to promote intercultural dialogue.

Cultural activity

28 Nov 2011
IEMed, Barcelona

A Sea of Words 2011

The "A Sea of Words" competition, in its 2011 call, is being held again with the intention of contributing to the promotion of dialogue between peoples, the exchange of knowledge and experiences between different traditions.

Cultural activity

24 Nov 2011
IEMed, Barcelona

[R]Evolutions in the Arab World: Youth, Internet and Revolt

It is a documentary about young people in the Middle East who have grown up angry with the authoritarian regimes in which they live and who use the Internet to bring about change in their societies.

Cultural activity

20 Oct 2011
IEMed, Barcelona

Docu-Debates “[R]Evolutions in the Arab World”

December 17, 2010, day zero of the revolution. The young Mohamed Buazizi, desperate and outraged by the lack of opportunities and the abuses of the authorities, sets fire to Sidi Buzid, in the interior of Tunisia.