Creative Mediterranean

We promote the creativity and richness of our heritage and shared identity through Mediterranean cultural and artistic expressions

Creative Mediterranean offers the possibility of assessing how Mediterranean culture is a combination of cultures that have left a legacy that has been enriching and expanding human capital, managing to create a cultural environment with shared values and patterns of behaviour.

Thus the Mediterranean is a space for meeting, dialogue, exchange and cooperation. A sea that unites us in our differences and that allows us to build bridges of cultural cooperation between the southern and northern shores. This programme also promotes initiatives that show current social realities and the main challenges facing the Mediterranean, while calling on the public to reflect on current issues vital to our time.

Historical exhibitions are also promoted to better understand some of the keys to the cultural richness of the current Mediterranean and to recover the past, understand the present, and build a more plural and inclusive future.

Moreover, “Mediterranean Music” shows the richness and cultural diversity of our societies and often merging ways of understanding music, styles, instruments and sounds from a variety of backgrounds.

The visual arts, photography, music and comics are also promoted as elements that help to reflect on contemporaneity and that show, through Mediterranean creativity, a symbiosis of languages, a mixture of tradition and innovation and, above all, an exchange of ideas and sensations.

We work on mutual awareness and shared identities using reflection and debate through film series, seminars, humanistic conferences and exhibitions that promote intercultural dialogue as a channel of social cohesion and a culture of peace.