Join us in our mission to foster dialogue and cooperation between the different Mediterranean countries, societies and cultures and promote the progressive construction of a space of peace and stability in the region.

Working at the IEMed

We believe that talented and committed people, working in collaborative approach, can achieve and maximize the impact. Every person at the IEMed plays an important role in helping the Institute deliver its mission of promoting a shared space of peace and stability across the Euro-Mediterranean region. We want every employee to feel a sense of ownership and contribute at their highest potential. Therefore, we pursue excellence and have shared accountability to honour our commitments that further the goals of our institute. Our diverse and dynamic team, from program to operations professionals, create a unique, open and inclusive working environment, characterized by a culture of mutual respect and tolerance.

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What we stand for

Diversity and inclusion is deeply embedded in our mission to promote dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation across the Mediterranean. We believe that stronger institutions and communities are created when people of every origin, ethnicity, gender, age and background are accepted, valued and empowered. We uphold those values in cooperation with our partners and stakeholders, as well as at workplace. This is part of our ongoing efforts to create a meaningful change.

Our mission is enhanced when our workforce reflects the diversity of the Mediterranean region. We pride ourselves on our diverse team, which provides a variety of perspectives and backgrounds and ensures creativity, quality and impact of our work.


We offer paid one-year traineeships to young people with higher degrees from the countries in the Euro-Mediterranean region to support our work and help us deliver our mission. We believe that young people have a vital role to play in promoting social change, innovation, dialogue and positive engagement of communities across the region, founded on culture of mutual trust, tolerance, understanding and respect. 

The Mediterranean Traineeship program has two primary objectives:

  • Put into practice knowledge acquired during studies, particularly in their specific areas of competence (Euro-Mediterranean policies, Arab world, gender, socio-economic and human development, culture and civil society, project management, communication).
  • Empower, mentor and equip young graduates with practical skills and experience of the day-to-day work of an organisation working in the field of Euro-Mediterranean relations.

We encourage you to apply and on a unique experience.

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At the IEMed we also offer the opportunity for students, who are currently enrolled in a program of study, to join us for placements of up to 6 months. For more information on unpaid internships, please write to

Events Officer for CREACT4MED project
Sustainable development and regional integration department
Pending resolution
Project Technical Support for INVESTMED project
Sustainable development and regional integration department
Pending resolution
European Project Coordinator
Services and Human Resources Directorate
Pending resolution
Research Officer
Euro-Mediterranean Policies EuroMeSCO
Selected candidate: Justine Belaïd
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Traineeship at the Arab and Islamic World Department
Selected candidate: Aida Traidi
Traineeship at the Gender Equality in the Mediterranean Department
Selected candidate: Giulia Maria Ferraresi
Traineeship at the Euro-Mediterranean Policies and EuroMeSCo Department
Selected candidate: Paula Gomila
Traineeship at the Mediterranean Regional Policies and Human Development Department
Selected candidate: Pau Magrinyà
Traineeship at the Communication & Press Department
Selected candidate: Ivet Armengol
Traineeship at the Resources, euromed survey and yearbook department
Selected candidate: Juan Manuel Pérez
Traineeship at the Culture and Civil Society in the Euromed Department
Selected candidate: Biel Muñoz
Traineeship at the Institutional Support and Euro-Mediterranean Relations Department
Selected candidate: Edward Rodger