Aula Mediterrània

Edition 2022-2023

The 9th edition of the Interuniversity Program Aula Mediterrània offers 18 conferences between November 2022 and May 2023.

International experts from various professional backgrounds will address key issues of the Mediterranean and international agenda. For instance, the management of energy resources, the global governance of the environment, border management, sectarianism in the Middle East, the political situation of countries such as Sudan or Iran, or the growing Chinese influence in the Maghreb.

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On 29th and 20th March 2023 the Program holds its annual seminar in Barcelona.

The programme at a glance:

3 NovemberNew tools for environmental defence in the Mediterranean

10 NovemberThe construction of the ambassador in the modern era

17 November –  Decolonizing the city through poetry and translation

23 NovemberThe sound spaces of the city in the Modern Age

15 December –  Fashion showcases. Democratization of luxury and new consumption spaces in pre-industrial Valencia

19 JanuaryA renewed partnership for developing energy and transport infrastructure across the Mediterranean

26 JanuaryScience diplomacy in the Mediterranean: building trust through science and knowledge

2 FebruaryIrregular migration in the Mediterranean: border policies and gender spaces

9 February – Child Marriage and Human Rights: The Moroccan Case

16 FebruaryArab press freedom between external and internal pressures

23 FebruarySectarianism in the MENA region

16 MarchEU relations with Southern Mediterranean countries: the democratic conditionality clause

23 MarchEast Mediterranean energy developments amidst the war in Ukraine

13 AprilThreats and alliances in the post-2011 Middle East

20 AprilThe Chinese presence in North Africa

4 MayThe pushbacks of migrants at the Ceuta and Melilla borders with Morocco

11 MayIdentity and foreign policy in the Islamic Republic: the dynamics of geopolitical expediency

18 MayYemen: fragmentation, mediation and humanitarian crisis

25 MayThe paradoxes of Sudanese politics

Knowledge and interdisciplinary academic research on Mediterranean issues

Aula Mediterrània is held since 2014 in coordination with more than a dozen master’s degree programmes from different universities that, in their syllabuses, teach content related to the Euro-Mediterranean region, and especially to the Middle East and North Africa. The aim of Aula Mediterrània is to support knowledge and research on Mediterranean issues and contribute to the internationalisation of local academia through the opportunity to mobilise experts, academics and actors who are relevant in the knowledge and study of the Mediterranean environment. Through this programme, they have the opportunity to network with universities around the world.

The programme has three pillars: a series of lectures, an academic seminar and the Aula Awards for the Best Master’s Degree Final Projects on Mediterranean issues. 

Since the 2020-2021 academic year, Aula Mediterrània has twinned with the newcomer Aula Árabe, promoted by Casa Árabe from 2019-2020, to expand the range of lectures and encourage exchange between participants in both programmes.

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