Aula Mediterrània

Edition 2023-2024

Aula Mediterrània, the interuniversity programme promoted by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) in collaboration with the academic world, will celebrate its tenth edition this year. Throughout these years, Aula Mediterrània has established itself as an academic meeting point and a reference for the study and understanding of the Mediterranean and the Arab region. With 23 lecturers from 17 European and Mediterranean universities, this series of lectures also reaffirms its commitment to enabling Euro-Mediterranean academic exchange.

The 2023-2024 edition consolidates the interdisciplinary approach, addressing a wide range of disciplines: international relations, political sciences, international law, communication sciences, modern and contemporary history, and postcolonial studies, among others. Moreover, the 23 sessions tackle crucial issues, such as diversity and religiosity in the modern era in the Mediterranean, as well as more contemporary topics such as the current political situation in Lebanon and Iraq, and conflicts and social, political and cultural realities that have emerged after the Arab revolts in 2011.

Particularly noteworthy this year are the sessions devoted to migrations, which are addressed from the diverse perspectives required by such a complex issue, ensuring that the programme is firmly committed to matters of social impact and open to a public made up of scholars, professionals and journalists interested in Mediterranean current affairs.

In this new edition of the series, the IEMed maintains and strengthens its collaboration with Aula Árabe Universitaria, a programme organized by Casa Árabe, an alliance which started four years ago with the aim of promoting the study and understanding of the Arab region.

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Aula Mediterrània awards

Additionally, the programme convenes an annual interdisciplinary seminar in Barcelona (19-20 February 2024) and organises the Aula Mediterrània awards for the best Final Master’s Thesis:
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The deadline has been extended until July 8, 2024.


The series agenda at a glance:

19 October – At history’s edge: the Mediterranean question

24 October– The containment of migration flows in the Mediterranean: a challenge for human rights

2 November– Med mess. The Mediterranean basin facing the crisis of the liberal international order: challenges, threats, opportunities

9 November– Politics of history. Aragonese chroniclers between institutional logic and imperial dynamics (1547-1711)

23 November – Lebanon: a state in political paralysis?

29 November – From Mediterranean to global history in the modern age: a round-trip historiographic journey

12 December – “Te daré alas de águila y pies de ciervo”: identity and alterity in the writing of the early modern age nuns

14 December – Diversity in Moorish communities (16th-17th centuries)

18 January – In the EU waiting room: exploring the Western Balkan’s road to integration

25 January – Unveiling migrant and refugee integration during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic: a comparative study between Greece and Spain

1 February – The situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Greece

8 February – The corporate sustainability within the EU framework. Analysis of practices in the Mediterranean area

15 February – What is the role of disinformation technology in Israel’s foreign policy?

7 March – What do we talk about when we talk about ‘environmental migrations’? Perspectives and questions from the Mediterranean

14 March – Migration management in Libya and the ambiguous role of International Organizations

21 March – Sustainable development and education: challenges and opportunities in the Euro-Mediterranean region

18 April – Italy and its (post)colonial relations with Africa

25 April – Whose security? A critical analysis of the migratory crisis in the Mediterranean

2 May – Nexus between migration and urban governance in the Mediterranean

9 May – Armed conflict in the MENA region since 2011: keys, trends and challenges for peace

16 May – Tales of freedom: international relations and democratization in the Middle East

23 May –Migrations and the Media. Polarising narratives and radical frameworks.

30 May – The Historical and Political Context of Israel’s War on the Gaza Strip

Full Agenda (PDF)

Knowledge and interdisciplinary academic research on Mediterranean issues

Aula Mediterrània is held since 2014 in coordination with more than a dozen master’s degree programmes from different universities that, in their syllabuses, teach content related to the Euro-Mediterranean region, and especially to the Middle East and North Africa. The aim of Aula Mediterrània is to support knowledge and research on Mediterranean issues and contribute to the internationalisation of local academia through the opportunity to mobilise experts, academics and actors who are relevant in the knowledge and study of the Mediterranean environment. Through this programme, they have the opportunity to network with universities around the world.

The programme has three pillars: a series of lectures, an academic seminar and the Aula Awards for the Best Master’s Degree Final Projects on Mediterranean issues. 

Since the 2020-2021 academic year, Aula Mediterrània has twinned with the newcomer Aula Árabe, promoted by Casa Árabe from 2019-2020, to expand the range of lectures and encourage exchange between participants in both programmes.

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